25 Indian Ads That Used Mind-Blowing Creativity To Get The Message Across

An advertisement was launched on Snapchat for a game named “Would You Rather? The ad presented the users with the question “Would you rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown? ” This was a disaster owing to the much highlighted 2009 domestic violence case of Chris Brown and Rihanna. Mark Zuckerberg used the VR app of Facebook to visit there through an NPR-produced 360-video of Puerto Rico.

  • It has eye-catching imagery, user-generated content and a perfect social message.
  • To create awareness about their new product, they collaborate with famous people, especially with top-ranked athletes.
  • You need to find ad examples which are highly successful on the Facebook and this will help you create your own exemplary Facebook ads.
  • 1 Previously, the Cigarettes Act of 1975 required a statutory health warning to be shown on all cartons and ads.

In order to advertise iPad Mini in front of readers of magazines, Apple decided to show the tablet in its actual size, with the display showing the actual front cover of that magazine! This series of print ads were published in several national magazines inside US including Wired, Time and The New Yorker, each with the actual front cover in the display of iPad mini. Here we present 5 creatively stunning print ads which created ripples across the Indian print media. One of them was hugely controversial, which led to an apology by the concerned brand.

Stages of the AIDA Model:

A smartphone campaign was launched by Burger King that let users see their menu and ingredients on their smart devices. Although the campaign in itself did not have any issue, it was hacked by someone who altered the name of ingredients including poisonous substances such as cyanide. Finally, the company had to shut a potentially innovative marketing channel.

  • In today’s day and age involving social media handles like Instagram and Twitter is also crucial to create awareness.
  • It illustrates the journey of a customer from getting to know the brand, product, or service to the time of purchasing or subscribing to the service.
  • This series of print ads were published in several national magazines inside US including Wired, Time and The New Yorker, each with the actual front cover in the display of iPad mini.
  • Although the new smartphone appeared smart and sleek, problem was that the picture was taken using an iPhone.
  • Although, as per Pepsi, the purpose of the advertisement was to show Pepsi as a unifying tool for different people, the audience did not feel the same.

This strategy, in turn, imprints the brand’s image on the brains of consumers. In other words, an advertisement is a powerful tool to promote sales or services. It is meant to attract the attention of a forgotten group. An advertisement is sent in public domain by print media or electronic media. Advertisements rafted for print media are published in newspapers, magazines and periodicals. These days advertising on Google is very popular only because of its importance.

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You can advertise your product here without spending much. Advertisement failure can be a nightmare for a company. It may occur due to more focus on creativity than the product itself. meaning of pari passu charge Other reasons may include an improper tone or just the wrong timing. The celebrities and behind-the-scenes photos of the launch event are some things that keep the curiosity going.

As a result, using colorful business logos, corporations may raise awareness about the dangers of smoking using this advertising strategy. We must have heard the word surrogate many times, but what does it really mean? A surrogate is a person or a thing who is duplicating another person in role. Similarly surrogate advertising is a form of advertising that duplicates the brand image of one product to promote another product of the same brand. Flyer- A flyer is also referred to as handbills, leaflets or circulars. Flyers are used for promoting existing and upcoming products and services within a small region, in most cases.

The idea was to tell people about the help Facebook has been providing in the disaster-struck country. However, the cartoonish avatars used in the video looked funny and this, Facebook was condemned for its insensitivity. The https://1investing.in/ video appeared more of a show-off of the VR capabilities of Facebook. An apology was issued by Mark Zuckerberg clarifying his intent. KFC Free ChickenOver 10.5 million people downloaded the coupons and applied for a free meal.

Advertising and marketing strategies by brand more or less follow the AIDA model but may have different versions or additional steps. One theory also adds in Retention after the Action step as activities that lead to retention of the customer have great value in this competitive world where brand switching is rampant. Most items on the market today are prohibited by surrogate advertising rules and are related to a variety of health hazards.

For example, Kingfisherhas marketed everything from soda to calendars to airplanes under the same brand. The issue occurs when a brand expansion is carried out in response to a prohibition on advertising for a certain product category. 1 Previously, the Cigarettes Act of 1975 required a statutory health warning to be shown on all cartons and ads. This category includes well-known brands such as Bagpiper soda, cassettes and CDs, Royal Challenge, and Kingfisher. This print ad was also one of the winners at Press Lion award at Cannes.

Brands that Successfully Use the AIDA Model

Other advertisements may try to promote a cause or an idea. For example, there are posters carrying messages such as ‘Big Benefits from Small Savings’ or ‘Protect Your Environment’. Sometimes the advertiser is the customer rather than the seller. In the ‘Jobs Vacant’ columns of national and local newspapers, employers advertise for the services of employees. But most advertising is concerned with persuading people to buy. Print advertising agencies can help you create unique design templates for both flyers and posters customised to the need of your marketing strategy.

poster ads examples

A common example of this is a liquor product marketed as a soda drink or an altogether different product such as music CDs under the same brand name. Posters- Posters are large-sized printouts that are put up at places where people can see them easily. Posters are used on roadside walls, lamp posts, and community bulletin boards, and they come with large-sized typography and eye-catching visuals. The usage of bright hues and large fonts is a must in posters as viewers will look at them from a distance in most cases. Audiobooks is a relatively new concept in India, and Penguin is looking forward to capture this emerging market.

Surrogate Advertising In Liquor Industry

The same goes with learning new things; and advertising is based on this principle. To go hand in hand with the changing scenario, people in advertising must unlearn old, to be in sync with the new. Great advertising agencies have emerged as big enterprises following the same principle. People belonging from such advertising agencies had the will to learn new things. Unrealistic expectations, Less research, not targeting the right audience, and delivering a wrong message are some of the common reasons why most marketing campaigns fail. In the digital era, the end goal is still to earn revenue but the mode of earning may be different.

Here, we have listed some of the best flyer and poster designs by print advertising agencies. Dove Body Shape BottleDove as a brand has been appreciated a lot for its real beauty campaigns. The company is a part of Unilever and has brought a great difference to the meaning of beauty for people.

Benefits and Limitations of Surrogate Advertising

Here the end goal could be subscribing to the YouTube channel or subscribing to the newsletter. Here the action is completed with CTA which is Call to action. The call to action can be a button that indicates “Buy Now” or it could be in the form of a mail in your inbox that reminds you of the products you left in your cart. On the Nykaa app, more than often the app will send notifications like “Your Cart misses you” to ensure the customer completes the action of “buying”. It can defeat the goal of the government’s ban on advertising dangerous items since the knowledge and awareness level on surrogate advertisements is very low.

The awareness stage is the most underrated stage of the AIDA model. This is the stage where the brand creates awareness and attracts the attention of its potential customers. It is the first interaction between the brand and the customer. The existence of a brand does not mean that the customers will know about it. The brands have to ensure they are making themselves visible to the customers. For this, they may take the help of traditional techniques like print advertisements or Tv, Radio advertisements.

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